From the curatorial statement by Ian Alden Russell:

Adams's art is propelled by a desire to create work that can be exploratory yet not wasteful, complete yet not necessarily permanent. Apprenticing in Japan under master potter Tetsuro Hatabe, Adams developed a deep and sincere respect for her materials, evident in her considered and limited use of formal permanence and mindful avoidance of waste. Her work to date is distinctive for its use of greenware, or unfired clay in various states, which she later recycles through a simple process of hydration. Engaging her audience as collaborators in the activation of her exhibitions, viewers have the opportunity to become complicit in the life story of her works. Viewing and handling, perhaps unmaking or breaking the works, visitors to Breaking Even are given time and space to consider and assess the values of materials, their states and aesthetic forms, and the artistic labor required to produce them—each deciding for themselves what constitutes a valuable experience or exchange with the artist through her work.

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