Salt for Salt / Sugar for Salt is a two-part installation comprised of an evolving collection of handmade pickles addressing systems of economy and exchange in the context of the broader themes of labor and value. 

What would you offer in exchange for a jar of handmade pickled local produce? What would you offer in exchange for a personal share of a work of art? What is your particular currency as an individual, and how might it reciprocate my own? Engaging in exchange with participants through the mechanism of this work, I invite personal connection, be it momentary or sustained. The installation itself exists as a fluid and responsive visual representation of this, with the density of colors and quantity of jars serving as a snapshot of the transactions conducted up to a given point in time. With participants’ consent, any related correspondence will become part of the work, archived both in the exhibition space and online. All transactions of exchange in both economies will be recorded and will become part of the overall narrative, as well. 

Pickles presently available for purchase or participant-proposed exchange:



Ginger Red Beets

Red Onion


Dill Carrots

Golden Beets 

Sungold Tomatoes

Green Tomatoes

Garlic Dill Cucumber Spears

Cucumber Rounds

Asparagus Spears



All pickles were attentively hand-produced in my kitchen using locally-grown vegetables and berries from Rhode Island and Massachusetts farms. Each jar is accompanied by a signed, hand-numbered letterpress card tracing its provenance as part of this work. 


How to participate:

Salt for Salt is a collection of handmade pickles reflecting the array of local produce available in the weeks leading up to the exhibition. These jars are can be procured through a standard retail transaction at $25 per jar, including shipping. When a jar is purchased, it will be removed from the installation and passed to the consumer, thus completing the exchange. For online sales, please send me an email with the following information:

  • Exact item name as it appears above & desired quantity
  • Delivery name, address, and telephone number. If you have access to a delivery address that is protected from extreme temperatures, please choose this one. 

Submit funds via Square Cash or PayPal to: kelli.rae.adams [at] gmail [dot] com, or request an alternate payment method when you order. 

Sugar for Salt presently consists of an equivalent quantity of empty jars, the vessels awaiting fulfillment via an alternate form of exchange. Interested parties are invited to contact me via email with a proposed exchange for one or more desired jars of pickles from the selection listed above. Once terms of exchange are established, the corresponding empty jar will be filled and returned to the installation to serve as a visual representation of the agreement, eventually passing to the participant when the exhibition closes. I do reserve the right to accept and reciprocate only those offerings which will serve as sustenance for me or others, be it material, financial, intellectual, social or creative. 

Examples of offerings to date include:

a collection of musical recordings 

a visit to the new Whitney Museum

an excursion to Photoville in NYC

a haircut (or two...terms under negotiation)

a poem responding to the installation